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  • John on 2012-Jul-30 01:21:05 John said

    Please don't equate femlae with feminization. Just because men are involved doesn't mean Wikileaks is being handled as a man would. Our culture does it's best from day one to suppress the inherent manly traits that have insured the survival of our species. We constantly spread the lie that violence is never acceptable. We foolishly believe that all people and cultures can get along if we only try to understand each other. Feminine vs. masculine isn't what the debate should be. There are times when a gentle touch is needed and times when you need a heavy hand. The problem now is that we are out of balance with too much hand-wringing and hand-holding. We need more spanking and suck it up .
  • Aom on 2012-Sep-15 15:02:49 Aom said

    hey, trying to get in touch with Josh Dragon. I'm an old friend who lost touch with him. I think this is his website. My name is Aom, I knew him from Beaverton Or. Can you help me?

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